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Cell Phone Etiquette 

Here’s a thing:

When your calling someone’s cell phone, unless it’s an emergency, let the phone ring once, twice. Then that’s it. Hang up. 

The person that you’re calling has their cell phone. It’s most likely in their hand but it’s most definitely in their arm’s reach. So if they want to talk to you and they miss the call, they can call you right back.  And if they forgot to turn off the ringer and they’re in the Nordstoms and their phone is in their purse and they can’t find it and everyone’s looking at them, then at least it won’t keep ringing and ringing. This makes sense, right?

I think we should try and make this two rings and done deal a thing. When you think about it, it actually can solve two minor problems. The first one being that if it is an emergency then that’s the only time it rings more then twice you can go “oh that must be important. It keeps ringing” and then you will know it’s a call that you need to answer instead right away instead of someone calling just to chat. 

Now I realize that some people will abuse this system and continue letting the phone ring every time as though it were an emergency. These people (who aren’t necessarily your mom) think that they are the sun that your earth orbits around and therefore should always be priority one. But those people are called narcissists and you need to establish healthy boundaries with them. Hey, this can help with that also!

The second issue that it would solve would be the situation that often occurs in which you want to talk to the person but you just need finish something first. How often does a friend call and you just wish you could finish your dinner or run to the bathroom really quickly. Now you can. They ring twice and hang up, that’s the new international sign for I am available to talk and I will stay available for the next few minutes in case you need to take care of some things before you call me back. 

While it’s convenient to have our phones with us always and technically we can be reached at any moment, that doesn’t mean that we should have to be. People used to have to wait until you got home to reach you and when you were gone, you were free and unaccountable for missing their call. With this new age of constant contact being possible it is up to us to set the rules of when we can or can’t be reached. 

We all have just looked at the call in our hands and just ignored it. So we all know that there is someone that has done it to us. Let’s change the etiquette and then it will no longer be considered rude. It will be a new form of acceptable behavior that no one can be offended by. 

Yes, my phone is always with me. However, I can’t always use it. Or I can’t always use it like a phone. I maybe doing something very important, Like writing a blog for example, or looking at YouTube videos. I don’t want to reject the call, because then you will definetly know that I am choosing to ignore you but I also don’t want the phone to keep ringing. Even though I know I can turn the actual ringer off without the caller knowing, I can still see their call instead of the thing I’m working on or watching. If I have my blue tooths on, they are still vibrating. It is still annoying. So do me a favor and just hang up after two rings. I’m going to start doing that. No one ever leaves a voicemail anyway unless they are a true degenerate. I think we should make this a thing. What say you? Leave a comment. 

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