The Difference Between My Ass and a Hole in the Wall

I get lost in video games the way my husband gets lost in malls. Sometimes I am blown away by the fact that no matter how short of a period of time we have been in the Macy’s, Jon has no idea where the door is. But then I think about the fact that when we’re playing video games he has the ability to leave a place and then go back to it and if I ever do that it’s completely by coincidence. 
Clearly, I spend too time at the mall and my husband spends too much time playing video games but that’s none of your business. My point is it’s interesting how much a persons sense of direction has to do with there overall familiarity with the place. 

That’s not always true though. There is this area in Overland Park /Shawnee, KS that I always get turned around in and that’s weird because its where my dad used to live back when I used to visit him and I’ve actually been there a lot. 

Now I work there and I’m there every weekday. I drive around a lot too, on my lunch, and I know all the side streets and where they lead to but for some reason when I’m there I feel like north is south and east is west and I don’t know why. I’m usually good with sensing what direction I’m facing but this one section of town just messes me up. 

I’m sure it has to be something to do with my childhood, some trauma involving not wanting to be at my dads and missing my family and home. Maybe it’s because it was the first neighborhood, outside of the one I was used to, that I had to learn the layout of. 

I mean, they had all the same things, Taco Bell’s and Wal-Marts and hospitals. But they were in different places. Maybe that’s why I feel that way. But I’ve worked at my job for two years, I’m there everyday and if you came in and asked me to point north, I would do the opposite. Everywhere else I pretty much know where I am. Even when we go out of town. 

Who knows? We may never understand it. We must get researchers involved. 

Life is strange. This story isn’t great. It doesn’t have an ending, either. 

The End. 


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