What I’m doing at the gym isn’t working out. 

I can’t stop eating. Now that I’m working out regularly my arms and legs are pretty tone. My stomach is too. I assume. You can’t tell about the stomach though cause I have a protective layer of chub covering it. 
Yes, I’m at the gym right now but before I got here I ate a hefty serving of Taco Bell. It wasn’t my choice to go there but I still ate it. I’m gonna have to stay on this treadmill for a pretty fucking long time to burn off all of those calories. 

Spoiler Alert: It’s not going to happen. Especially not at the pace I’m going. 

In order to type and walk at the same time I can only go about 3 miles an hour or risk falling and burning my face off on the rubber. I’ve been on here for 26 minutes and I’ve only burned 104 calories. That’s even less calories than the recumbent bike. I assumed it would be more but then again usually when I’m on the treadmill I am going a lot faster. 

I’m not blaming you.

 I guess I could up the elevation a little bit. 

I mean, it’s better than nothing, right? And I’m multitasking. So that should count for something. Sadly, I am perspiring a bit just from walking this slow pace for less than a half an hour so something must be getting worked out and it’s giving us this chance to catch up. 

How have you been? What did you eat for dinner? 

Forget it. I’m going to go sit in the hot tub now. I’ve earned it. J/k. 

To clarify, I was just kidding about the earning it part. I’m definitely going to go sit in the hot tub now. 

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