Talk about a pain in the neck (Another how-not-to-gym blog)

Here I am again, walking on the treadmill at a slow pace so that I can type. I still really need to get back on track when it comes to my fitness. Pun not intended this time. I’ve really gotten out of the habit of pushing myself at the gym. I should probably get a trainer. Not right now though. I’ve not had a lot of luck getting help these days. 

 I never went back to the chiropractor. The last time I went was last Monday. When I called on Friday to tell them I wouldn’t be coming back, they gave me the hard sell. I’m always leery of a hard sell. If you want me to not buy something from you, tell me that I can’t live without it. I’ll take it as a challenge. 

Basically the woman at the desk told me that it’s very common for people to start feeling better and think that they don’t need to come back but until the doctor and I have completed my treatment plan, quitting would set us back on all of the “good work” that we’ve done. She also said that once  I move into the maintenance section of treatment, then we can talk about me not coming back. 

Um, disagree, bitch. 

Any doubts I had about quitting went out the window when she started telling me how much I need it. Cause I never needed it before so why do I need it now? I just hope I stopped in time so that I don’t actually need to keep going back. That was my fear to begin with and now she’s telling me that’s the way it is already? I fucking hope not. As it is I’m, once again, walking slowly on this treadmill, not only to talk to you guys, but also because I’m tense in my lower back and I’m trying to walk it out. 

Yes, I went to the chiropractor after I hurt myself in California but that pain was basically gone by the time I had my first adjustment. I was going for my posture and I don’t feel like any of our “good work” has made a damn but of difference. Admittedly, I just started and I hadn’t completed my “treatment plan” but I went to at least twelve visits and now I’m having pains that I didn’t have prior to being “adjusted”.

Even if the chiropractor could take the pain in my lower back away, is this something I’m prepared to do for the rest of my life? Hell to the no. And if the pain gets so excruciating that I end up having to go back to a chiropractor, it for sure won’t be that one. It was awkward enough being there before I tried to quit going. I can’t imagine how bad it would be now. 

I didn’t say all this to the receptionist. I just told her I wasn’t interested and she said that she would call me back on Tuesday to see if I’ve changed my mind!


I’m half afraid that by next Tuesday I’ll be looking like the mom’s sister in Stephen King’s Pet Semetary. Even if I am, I’ll be damned if I’m answering that phone call. What sucks though, is that I was going to ask how much I owed them and as it is, I can’t because she’s just going to keep trying to convince me to go. 

I’m sure someone will let me know at some point. I’m not to worried. 

7 thoughts on “Talk about a pain in the neck (Another how-not-to-gym blog)”

  1. I distrust chiropractors so much. I wouldn’t go back either, to be honest. I mean, you gotta keep in mind this is the profession that says if you don’t do adjustments on INFANTS (INFANTS!!!!) then they’re going to grow up all wonkified and nothing will be aligned right and they’re basically fucked.

    I also stumbled on this, which you might want to read.

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    1. That’s so funny because after my first post when people were commenting that I shouldn’t go I did some research on my own and that is the #1 article that made me decide I was done. The clincher for me was when the author said that they told their patients something like, go three times and if they don’t feel a difference then chiropractic work is not helping them. That is definitely not the story my chiropractor was selling.
      Then if there was a little bit of doubt left my conversation with the receptionist cleared that up. As I said in the story, I don’t trust people who tell me I “need” something. Particularly something I was doing just fine with out for my whole life. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment about this. My spine thanks you!

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  2. The sister from Pet Semetary, Zelda, freaked me right the fuck out when I saw her the first time! As you can see, I often focus on the non sequiturs, but I do hope your back feels better soon.

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