I’m going to let my husband do what? (Click bait)

Earlier I made a post about being unhappy with my hair stylist and wanting to find another one. It was an in-depth, two part report that ultimately ended with me doing nothing, as is so often the case. 

At the end of the last post I decided to keep going to my hairdresser because she was slowly making my hair the color I wanted it to be. 12 year olds on YouTube seem to achieve my desired look in one setting but maybe they’re doing it wrong? “Kaitlin is trying not to damage my hair.” I said to myself. Then I realized my hair is damaged. So I’m out of excuses for her. 

Previously, and again this is mostly a recap of an older blog post I made on the subject that I don’t recommend you go back and read, I had put out feelers for a new colorist and it all just kind of felt like a pain in the ass. “Kaitlin is fine,” I told myself, “my hair is fine. I already know her. I don’t like meeting new people. I don’t like being touched by strangers and I don’t really like my hair that much, so who fucking cares?” That was that as far as I was concerned. 

Then three things happened. 

The first thing that happened was my last appointment. She was triple booked so I had to wait for her to help me and then I had to wait again for her to help someone else before she could get back to me. I understand this. Sometimes these things happen but she was also pretty short with me. She didn’t want to do all the things we usually do like tint my eyebrows and do a conditioning treatment but once again, I understand, she was very busy. She’d never been short with me before. She was probably just stressed. 

Then, when she was checking me out at the register she didn’t want to schedule a follow up like we usually do. AGAIN, busy, flustered, I do understand. Nothing that happened that day, including the fact that my hair still wasn’t the color that I wanted it to be when I first started going to her over a year and a half ago, would have made me give up on her as my stylist. Nevertheless, I did walk out of the place feeling not satisfied or appreciated and that got my brain working again. 

The second thing that happened was that I achieved platinum status at Ulta and for those not in the know, that means I get extra points and discounts for purchases I make in the store, including salon visits. This intrigued me because as we have already established, I am on the cusp of a crippling makeup addiction. If I could pay Ulta the same price, or maybe even a little less than Kaitlin, why would I not do that and collect all those sweet, sweet, Ulta points to use towards feeding my insatiable hunger for eyeshadow palettes.  Maybe before the last appointment, I would have thought differently, I may have been more loyal but obviously Kaitlin is very busy and doesn’t need my business. 

Plus, she will only schedule me for Saturday mornings even though she is closer to my job then my home and I originally started going to her so that I could come in after work and skip rush hour. 

Plus, she only works every other Saturday so if I can’t make my appointment for some reason, I have to go a full two weeks until I can see her again. 


Plus, it turns out I was actually pretty pissed off about all of those things. 

So, as is true for some many problems in my life, Ulta seemed like the perfect solution. 

Then, the third thing happened. 

The third thing is my husband wants a crack at my hair. God help me, I’m going to let him have it. 

He used to dye my hair all the time when I was just a drugstore boxed auburn. It was a fun little bonding activity that I do kind of miss. 

Additionally, he’s been with me every step of the way as I have been consistently disappointed with Kaitlin’s results. I know that dyeing is a lot easier than bleaching and that lightening hair can be a lot more damaging if done incorrectly but he has a steady hand and a good attention to detail. I’m currently over-educating myself about developer and toner and the like and I am reasonably confident I can mix up the right concoction with the help of the Internet and all of those twelve year olds on YouTube that I mentioned previously. 

If nothing else we can keep trying until we get it right and when/if we destroy all my hair, Ulta can fix it! Or I can shave my head. Luckily with my job it doesn’t matter what I look like, so what do I have to lose…besides my hair…and potentially my marriage. 

Let’s do this!

Also, just a side note that has me kind of annoyed today. I’m still going to get my haircut at Ulta. I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Originally, when I was going to have them do everything, I made an earlier appointment online and then when we decided my husband would do the color, I cancelled that appointment. No big deal, right?

So today, the woman from Ulta called to confirm my appointment for tomorrow. “Yes. Great. I’ll be there.”

“One more thing,” she says, “It looks like you’ve made online appointments before and then not shown up. If you do that again we will no longer take appointments from you and you will have to just be a walk-in.”

What? Are you kidding me? I told her how I had only made one previous appointment and that I did call and cancel it before the time. She said okay and that was the end of the call. She wasn’t being hateful about it but I still felt scolded. I understand how hair stylists rely on their appointments to show up and if I hadn’t made the appointment, someone else could have taken my spot. My aunt and grandma were both hair dressers. I would never make a habit out of canceling appointments but I should get one free cancelation without a lecture. Don’t you think? 

It almost makes me want to cancel this appointment too but I know I’m just being overly sensitive. I’ll show up to this appointment and any subsequent appointments and we will never have to speak of this again. I hope. I would hate to get a bad taste in my mouth about my favorite store. Still, don’t you think that’s kind of bitchy? Especially considering, as long as we are bringing up my Ulta history, I spend an insane amount of money and time there? But okay. I’m going to let it go. 

Ugh! Why am I having such a hard time dealing with people lately? I know this blog is called Resting Bitch Personality but I’m actually a very plesant person to deal with on most occasions. Particularly when dealing with people I don’t know. 

Why is everyone giving me attitude? I don’t want to have to go off and just start yelling at everyone but I will. Not that that would do me any good. Then whether or not I want my husband to do my hair will cease to be an issue cause he will be the only one willing to do it. He’ll have to cut it, too. I can see the bowl cut now. 

Anyway, this could all blow up in my face or I could save some money, finally get the color I want, and spend more time with my husband. So let’s see how it turns out. I’m sure I will let you know. Especially if it’s a disaster. 

Okay. Bye. 

6 thoughts on “I’m going to let my husband do what? (Click bait)”

  1. This man (your husband), obviously likes living on the edge. He is also a sky diver? If I knew him, I would strongly suggest he speak with a risk management professional before taking on this endeavor. On the other hand, I could miss out on some really delicious blogs. Never mind.

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    1. His only real risk here is having to walk around with a bald wife. I’m not going to get mad if it doesn’t work out. He stands a better chance of doing it well than I do. At least he can see the back of my head.


  2. I hope you end up with the hair color you want. I’d have to go through WAY way too much trouble to change my hair color…it’s naturally so dark a brown as to be almost black. So changing the color would be difficult at best because I’d have to condition it, then bleach it out, then condition AGAIN then color it and then do some kind of sealing treatment (I think?) to make sure the color didn’t fade too quickly.

    Yeah..too much freaking work for me, thanks.

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    1. It’s definitely a commitment for sure. I hope my husband can do it though because it would be so much nicer to be at home where I can relax or do things around the house while it’s processing. It would also be nice to save some money because the salon is expensive but if it’s a total fail, at least we can say we tried.


      1. Yup. I haven’t colored my hair since high school when I went the peroxide the shit out of it, then use a mixture of Kool-Aid and Vasoline (to make it thicker and thus easier to apply, as I recall) to dye my hair.

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