Book Review: “The Luckiest Girl Alive”

This seems like a potentially great summer read. Thanks Lisa!


Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. Summer’s coming and I’m looking forward to doing a lot of reading so I’m putting together a Summer Reading List. I’ll post that one at a later date. Today, I’ve got a book review for you. The cover and blurb are below.

Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel by [Knoll, Jessica]


Fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will thrill at “the perfect page-turner to start your summer” (People, Book of the Week): Luckiest Girl Alive—described by Reese Witherspoon as “one of those reads you just can’t put down!”

Loved Gone Girl? We promise [Luckiest Girl Alive is] just as addictive.”
Good Housekeeping

“Jessica Knoll introduces you to your new best frenemy, and you’re going to love it. . . .Destined to become one of the summer’s most gripping reads.”

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: “The Luckiest Girl Alive””

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve never done that before but I wanted to remember to read this book. (I also wanted to see what would happen if I reblogged someone. I’m still learning all the bells and whistles here.) I’m glad you liked that I did that. I was a little worried that it was not my place to reblog someone without their permission but then I figured I would like it if someone did that to me. Thanks for the follow.


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