Thoughts from a treadmill: Memorial Day Weekend Edition 

The gym is a little busier than I would have liked today but it makes sense for a Memorial Day weekend. The pool is open and that means a whole new rush of summer pool people will be coming here now. Just as we’ve finally gotten rid of the New Years resolutioners.  Even worse, these people are mostly going to be screaming children having fun. 

The gym is no place for fun and the only screaming going on should be internal. Everyone knows that. 

 I don’t have kids so they make me nervous. My mom used to run a daycare  out of our home. There were always babies and toddlers around. I helped out a lot back then. Now that seems so long ago that it could have been a previous life. 

Is there a gym that doesn’t allow kids but still has a pool? That’s the one for me. It doesn’t matter, though. I’m wrangled into this gym’s contract for at least another year. According to some google reviews I’ve read, they don’t want to let you go even then. They keep charging you once your contract is up, even if you tell them to stop. I guess I have that fight to look forward to someday. 

Don’t you just love to think about future arguments you get to have with people? I like to just think and think and think about them until it consumes me. Lol. I’m so afraid of confrontation that I guess I’ll just have to workout here for the rest of my life. I guess that’s settled. 

I’m just so tired. I don’t even know what I’m doing here. Why did I come here? I wanted to get the week off to a good start but this ain’t the way. I drank a chai tea latte to get the energy to come here so I have to at least work out to get rid of those calories. That makes sense, right? Sure I could have just stayed home and not drank a latte. Then I would still have the same calories in/calories out ratio at the end of the day but where is the fun in that? Where’s the challenge? 

7 thoughts on “Thoughts from a treadmill: Memorial Day Weekend Edition ”

  1. I feel ya.

    Working out, especially if you’re like me and you HATE exercising, is such an endless grind.

    I made the mistake of eating two Little Debbie snack cakes this afternoon when we got back from the pool and right now I”m sitting here debating with myself whether or not I should go hike the 2 1/2 miles between my house and the 7-11 BECAUSE I ate those snack cakes. Even with those, MFP says I’m under my daily caloric limit by about 270 calories because I walked almost 3 miles this morning and did 20 medium-effort freestyle (read: half walk/half swim) laps at the pool this afternoon. I know if I go out, I’m going to come back sweating like a pig (because it’s 90 frigging degrees out) and I’m already exhausted but I just feel so GUILTY about those damn snack cakes.


  2. Someone should do the math someday on how many calories we burn writing a blog. After all, it’s so much easier being a blogger than a jogger. Where’s the justice?

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