Mankind: contradiction in terms?

I saw the craziest thing a few days ago. I was at the gym and I looked up at the tv and it was just two men in a padded room with netting all around it and the one man is just beating the holy shit out of the other one. I mean I’ve seen boxing before but who wants to watch this? It’s not even a competition. 

It was literally a full minute of one man stradding the other one hitting him in the face. Over and over and over, long past it being necessary. It was the way you would kill a lover. The way that a movie or television show would convey the intensity with which one person wants to hit the other, repetition beyond reason. Except, unlike in a movie, no one is stepping in and going, “No, Billy Jack, don’t kill him.” (I’ve never seen Billy Jack but I feel like that scene is probably in there. If not or if, like me, you have never seen Billy Jack then just imagine the way that you-know-who was punching you-know-who in the face over and over until he saw Sansa standing there watching and so he stopped. ) but that was cool. This was insane. 

They didn’t even have a camera angle on it. You couldn’t see the other mans face. (Presumably this is because he was not actually getting hit at all.)All you could see was right up the shorts of the man straddling him (pretending) to hit him in the face. How is this entertainment? Who is this for? Come on, America. Get your shit together! 

Then when time was called or whatever happened because I looked away for a second and in the span of time it took me to look away and look back, the man that was beating the ever-loving shit out of the other one (allegedly) was standing next to him, both panting, with his arm draped over the other man’s shoulder like a frat brother that’s had too much to drink. 

What the fuck was that? Why is that a thing? Human beings really are the scourge of the earth. 


7 thoughts on “Mankind: contradiction in terms?”

  1. I’ve had several friends and acquaintances display outright dismay when I told them I don’t like Ultimate Fighting. It was like they were going to revoke my man card. I do like to watch the occasional boxing match but these outright bareknuckle beat downs do nothing for me. If this was happening outside a ring they would be arrested. What really gets me though is the morons that watch it and think they are bad assess because they do.

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