I may be too clean. 

There seems to be a new trend towards bathing less, washing your clothes less, basically just being less obsessive about your hygiene. If you watch any YouTube vlog, it is not uncommon to hear the vlogger mention how long it’s been since they have bathed and quite often it is a week or more. YouTube is my main source of remaining in touch with today’s culture, it is my sole point of reference but it comes up so often it must be true, right?

Adult women who appear to be well made up and maintained, sit in there clean looking apartments and admit that they haven’t washed in several days and I am just amazed. It seems like when I was growing up you took a shower everyday unless you were some sort of heathen. My aunt would actually take several showers a day at times. So that she could get ready for her day and then later get ready for her night.

Now thanks to the invention of dry shampoo, it is less and less important to shower to keep your hair looking right. The truth is it’s actually much healthier to go days between washing your hair. When you wash your hair you strip the oils from it and those oils actually protect your hair and keep it from drying out and splitting. Wet hair is also more fragile and prone to breakage. What’s more, the less you wash it the less oil your hair will produce. That means you will need to wash it less and even use the dry shampoo less. This is life changing for me. 

My hair has always been the reason I couldn’t imagine not showering everyday. I have very fine hair that looks greasy almost immediately after you wash it. Turns out that washing is the worst thing that I can do. It may make it look fuller and thicker in the short term. In the long run, training my hair to need less washing will be the best for me. Hopefully it will cause less hair to fall out and instead of just looking fuller, it will actually be fuller. 

It’s not just my hair either, that it turns out I wash to frequently. Jeans are another thing that I have been washing too much. Well, all my clothes but particularly jeans. It turns out that washing is actually harmful to jeans. It depletes their structural integrity. Some people hardly ever wash their jeans at all. It turns out they were never intended to be washed very much. So now as long as I can’t smell them or see any stains, I’m not washing them. And the rest of my clothes I only was if they are actually dirty. Hopefully this will prolong the life of my clothes. Also I hate doing laundry. 

I don’t know if this a backlash of the California drought or just better knowledge of science catching up with society. Obviously, the concept of washing everyday is a fairly new one anyway. Before indoor plumbing I don’t think anyone went to the trouble of washing everyday. Maybe royalty. Probably not. 

Either way I support this new trend 100%. First of all, I have to clean less and second of all, it’s a beauty trend that I know I won’t fail at. So excuse me. I’m going to go not clean anything. 

6 thoughts on “I may be too clean. ”

  1. The only time I wash my hair pretty much every day is in the summer, because I’m in the pool for several hours nearly every day and I need to wash those chemicals out of my hair at some point. The rest of the year, I wash my hair maybe every other day or every three days and I swear it grows so fast it’s ridiculous.

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  2. “Some people hardly ever wash their jeans at all. It turns out they were never intended to be washed very much.”

    I’ve heard some people put them in the freezer to “refresh” them.

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