Your Mom Creates

This prompt should be an easy one. We are all here on this website to create content or to read others creations. I am struggling with how to go about this one, though. Everything I can think to say seems so trite. 

Let’s see…create…hmm…I’m for it. I’ll say that much. I’m not against creation. I may be a little bit against creationism but then again, it’s really not for me to say. It seems like there is a lot of scientific evidence against it but who knows? Scientists can be wrong. So can I. 

When you think about how complicated the world is, how I’m sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, typing on my phone, it’s clear that no matter how we got to this point is probably ridiculous. It’s not that important either. 

No. I don’t think I’m going to do the daily prompt today. It’s too hard. Maybe I’ll do tomorrow’s. 


<a href=””>Create</a&gt;

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