Sometimes I just get an idea in my head and I know it won’t go out of my head until I at least try it. Episode 2

We are about 1/3 of the way done with my hair processing. We could be all done but my husband got scared of cooking my roots so he barely applied any bleach to them so they, and the underside of my hair are still patchy, in some places they are orange, in other places they are still their original medium brown, most of the top is already blonde. I am actually really pleased with how light we got it. If it had been applied evenly *clears throat* then I think we could have got the job done with one bleaching. 

This makes me all the more annoyed that I told my hairstylist that I wanted blonde hair almost two years ago and she couldn’t accomplish it at all. My hair doesn’t feel damaged either. Overall I am happy with the result, even as calico as it is and without any toner, it is still closer to the color I was asking for this whole time that for some reason and the professional I overtipped for two years couldn’t accomplish. 

But it is busted. 

It looks pretty good if it’s not moving but if you lift it up at all you can see all the difference colors. 

I’m going to do a mask tonight and Sunday morning we are going to do round two. My husband has a better understanding of what to do now. He’s going to go through and bleach all the dark parts and then the orange parts and maybe put a little more on the blonde parts right at the end of the process. Then, no matter what, we will tone it and pray for the best to a God who owes us nothing. 

It’s not a complete success but not a total failure. It may turn into one or the other tomorrow. We shall see. As of right now though, I feel good. I feel glad that I tried bleaching my hair at home and I feel like, even if at the end of tomorrow my hair is uneven in parts, my husband and I will learn from our mistakes and we will tackle it again every couple of weeks or so until we get it right. We will get it right. Either that, or all my hair will fall out and I can buy a wig that looks the way I want my hair to. So win/win. 

In the meantime, I’m just glad that I work someplace that no one will ever see me besides my coworkers, who I feel comfortable enough around to let them see me all jacked up. I even already told them that this was happening and warned them I might look terrible. I got permission from my boss to dye my hair purple if worse case scenario it is orange beyond repair. 

But I still think it’s probably going to be okay. I hope. 

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