Is anyone interested in talking about big brother?

I have been watching since season 11. I have been live streaming the whole time. I actually watched the feeds first because that was back when they were on Showtime and I remember seeing the title “Big Brother After Dark” and I just assumed it was a porno but then one day i saw it and it was just footage of people talking and sitting outside in the dark and it became the most interesting thing to me. So interesting that I started watching the tv show and learning all the ridiculously complicated rules. 

I couldn’t possibly go through all the rules of this game because it is so complicated and things change all time. It’s confusing and very dumb but I like it. So I just thought I’d put that out there and see who is interested. 

So please put a like if you want me to talk about it. I may do it anyway. Let’s watch people eat cereal while we’re at work together! Who’s in?

15 thoughts on “Is anyone interested in talking about big brother?”

  1. OMG that show’s still ON? o.O

    I watched it the first two or three seasons and then I kind of got bored with it. Kind of like Survivor..I get why it’s supposed to be appealing but as an old fart who isn’t a big fan of most reality TV anyway, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

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    1. I get that. I’m sick of survivor too. I still like Big Brother because I haven’t watched it as long and I really like the live feeds. People get so into it. I have more fun listening to the fans on social media than I do watching the actual show.


      1. That’s awesome. I could never audition to be on a reality show. I just like watching them. I used to watch a lot more than I do now. I’m proud to say I’m down to only about four reality shows.


      2. I was young and stupid then. I printed out the application and had the balls to send it to CBS with “Postage to be paid upon delivery”. The envelope was also covered in glittery kitten stickers. LOL

        The only reality shows I ever really watch anymore are America’s Got Talent, Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER, Bandit Patrol and The Incredible Dr. Pol.

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      3. Out of that list, I’ve only heard of America’s got Talent. I’m going to have to check out some of these other ones you mentioned.


      4. Bandit Patrol, Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER and Dr. Pol all have episodes on Hulu if you have that. They also used to have Jackson Galaxy’s My Cat From Hell but they took it off and it kinda bummed me out because Jackson Galaxy is like my spirit animal. :-3


  2. You had me at BB. My wife got me watching this over 10 years ago. My family all picks a favorite player and we have a pool. Last one to have someone still in the house wins it.

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      1. We have to pick off the Bio’s on before the first show even starts. It’s hilarious when one of us picks someone we think we’ll like only to find out we can’t stand them after the first few episodes, but still have to cheer for them to win the pool.

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    1. I’m having trouble getting into this season so far. I’ve watched all the episodes but I haven’t really watched the live feeds and they are usually my favorite part.


      1. Really? From the start I’ve been loving the drama that’s been unfolding in the house. A housemate already self evicted, plus the two villains of the season so far (Josh and Cody) are so horrible! I can’t wait to see them get evicted. So far for me Season 15 was the worst with the whole vote with the house majority.

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      2. I don’t think it’s the season. I think it’s just me. There does seem to be a lot of interesting characters this season. I would love to see what Megan was doing to make everyone hate her. It had to be more than what they showed. When Josh yelled at her I thought he was crazy but then two more people had trouble with her. I think she was gone before the feeds started though, right?


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