Letting off a little steam

I’m getting pretty fed up with my gym. I know I complain about it a lot and most of my complaints are coming from an extremely antisocial place and are somewhat unjustified but that place has really gone downhill. I don’t think it’s just my personality disorder that is making my trips to the gym so unpleasant. I don’t know if this should be a relief to me or not. It certainly doesn’t help anything. 

The bottom line is that there are a lot more people there this year than there were last year. At first I blamed New Years resolutions but then we went from the January rush to the Summer/pool rush without a break in between and I am starting to wonder,what the fuck has happened to my oasis?

2016 was a very stressful year for me and the gym was the place I could go to escape. I probably could have worked out a little harder but I mostly went there to swim, sit in the steam room and the hot tub, and just basically take a time out from all the pressures in my life. I did work out, too and I had a pretty good little routine going. There were other people there, of course, but not so many that you couldn’t use whatever machine you wanted or do whatever exercise you wanted without being disturbed. I loved it. 

Now it’s 2017 and my life is better. My stress level has definetly gone down and I’m a lot happier overall but my oasis is gone. Maybe it served its purpose. Maybe it’s time for me to move on. I don’t know. All I do know is that I’m fucking sick of the people there. 

First of all the staff has turned over and the former staff was much nicer. Now they are generally teenagers or people in their early 20’s who haven’t yet figured out life’s big joke; that we are all dying. They do still say hi and goodbye 75% of the time but they make it clear that they are only doing it because they have to. I would rather they just say nothing. The way it is now, it’s like they are trolling me. Their mouths say, “hello” but their eyes say, “just a reminder, I dont give a shit about you and I wish you weren’t here.” Which is nice. 

I don’t really care about the staff as much to be honest but there are so many more people working out there. If they were there because the gym had gotten better, than at least the gym would be better. If anything, though, it’s gotten worse. It feels dirty in spots. Some of the equipment doesn’t work properly. This is probably because there are so many more people and they can’t keep up. Things do get fixed eventually. I just want to say that there was a bandaid on the wall by the hot tub most of last week and as far as I know it’s still there and that’s gross. 

I wonder, and I hope this doesn’t sound too snotty, but I wonder if they lowered the prices. The people that are there now seem like a different kind of people than who used to go there. I guess there is no way to say that and not sound snotty. They just don’t seem like people who go to the gym to stay fit. They seem like a bunch of cousin Eddies who got a free pass and are going to the gym to lay around and splash in the pool and scream and make fun of people who are actually trying to use the equipment as it was intended. 

I don’t think I’m better than these people  at all, just different. Also, the gym was never that expensive or else I couldn’t have afforded it. I paid a little more than you would at one of those $9.99 a month places but it’s cheaper than a membership to the Y, which is oddly expensive. I used to think I paid the little bit extra for, not only the pool, but for the lack of crowd. Now I wonder what the hell I am paying extra for. Half the time I can’t even get in the pool. 

Yesterday, I went into the steam room and there were two to four women in there. (I couldn’t tell because of the steam.) When I opened the door they sat up and said something that I couldn’t quite make out but from their tone it was something along the lines of, “we’re in here.” Whatever they said it was clear that they wanted me to leave. 

That is bullshit and I should have just started the story here because this is why I’m mad. First of all, it’s not a toilet stall or a fitting room. It is a steam room and there is plenty of space for all. It doesn’t matter to me if, “you’re in there.” It doesn’t mean I can’t also be in there. You don’t own the place. 

From the few seconds I stood there it looked like the two or more women were sitting in there naked. They were wrapping themselves up in towels as they shooed me away. They were also stretched out on all the surfaces like a bunch of beached whales. You can’t call dibs by stretching your fat body over every inch of the place. (I couldn’t possibly tell if these women were fat underneath the steam. It just makes me happy to assume they were.)

I know I could have just stayed and they would have had to have dealt with it. They probably would have got up and left, all pissed off and entitled. For a split second I thought about doing this. However, the fact of the matter is, I was going into the steam room to relax and having a stand off with a group of prone cunts is not my idea of relaxing. I just conceded and left. I even apologized which makes me feel like a punk. 

I mean, look, you can be naked in the steam room or the hot tub or anywhere else in the locker room that you want to sit around naked. I never have done that but I’ve seen it done. It doesn’t bother me. If you want to get naked in the steam room, you 100% can but that doesn’t make it your private room. If you can’t show your titties to everyone, then you need to put your titties away. But also, I assume these women were friends. Maybe they were related. Maybe they were lesbians and I walked in on some sort of steam orgy. That would make me feel better, actually. I can understand being kicked out of an orgy. I can’t understand being kicked out of a steam room.  

Assuming they were just friends, the point I was trying to make was, I would rather be naked in a room full of strangers than in a room full of friends. Just because I feel like I wouldn’t see the strangers again. We would sit there together naked and that would be that. There wouldn’t come a situation where I would be out to lunch with them later and  all of a sudden I get an image in my head of what their areolas look like. Does that make sense? Probably not. 

I just can’t personally imagine a situation where my friends and I are in a steam room naked and then someone else walks in and we have to cover up and ask them to leave. I could imagine wanting them to leave so that my friends and I could continue talking. Then, I would realize that it wasn’t my personal steam room and I would deal with the fact that someone else had came in. Or me and my friends would leave. I wouldn’t ever tell someone that they had to go away because we were there. 

So anyway, I left the locker room and I went swimming but I couldn’t relax there either because there were people sitting in the hot tub, not even trying to hide the fact that they were staring at everyone swimming. They were just sitting there, staring like we were on television.  So after about half my normal workout I left. 

I went and sat in the other hot tub in the locker room. It was then that I realized those bitches were still in the steam room. It was a half an hour later and they had been in there for a while before I came in. I don’t know, maybe some people do steam for that long but if you are making it to where no one else can go in with you, you shouldn’t be allowed to stay there all day. 

This post is just whiny. I’m not my usual pissed of, sassy self. I am defeated. I couldn’t even really get that mad as it was happening. Usually my blood boils when confronted with things that are “unfair”. 

I can’t keep getting mad over the same things. I’m just over it. Those bitches were the last straw for me. I got dressed and left. On the way out, I threw some of their shit on the floor. I know it was childish.  They had just left it out on a bench because apparently they own the bench too. Fuck them. Fat fucking bitches. Maybe they should stop laying around in the steam room showing each other their sad, saggy tits and go do some squats or something. Just a suggestion. I’m really being a hypocrite, now. I’ve never done a squat there. I can do squats at home. (I don’t though.)

As I have said before, there are two franchises of the gym in my area. The other one is a little further out but maybe I will try it next time. It might be safer. For everyone involved. 

I’m not the same meek little girl I used to be. I will cut a bitch. Just in this last year I have yelled at people to their face twice and written four angry emails. I think that’s good for me. Before I would just internalize my anger. Now, however, I don’t trust myself. If I had been in a slightly more confrontational mood the above mentioned incident could have gone down much differently. 

I have often times felt entitled to my own private time at the gym. I believe I began this very blog post talking about how much I would like to have the place to myself. I get it, cunts, I really do. 

There is a difference between feeling like you should be alone, wanting to be alone, or actively telling someone who pays just as much as you do to use the gym (or probably more, if they lowered the prices). I have just as much right to enjoy all the areas of the gym. I would never tell someone that they should go away because I was there first. I think it. Oh sure, I think it all the time but I never say it. 

I mean, maybe if they hopped on the same treadmill as me and tried to walk behind me, I would say something then. If I were swimming laps and someone got in my lane and started swimming, I might say something. Actually, I would most likely leave and let them have it. One time a woman did ask if she could share my lane but there were other lanes available so I said no, but she could have it and went and swam someplace else. 

I don’t know. This isn’t funny or particularly bitchy but it’s all I’ve got for today. I’m angry but I’m really more hurt. It never feels good to be told that you aren’t wanted somewhere. As I said, I used to feel at home and at peace there and now I don’t. Feeling displaced is something I have felt a lot in my life and it brings up a lot of bad memories. 

If I could do it again, and I probably can, I would have held the door open longer to let all the steam out and I would have turned the light on so that one of them would have to get out to turn it back off. I also would have thrown more of there stuff on the floor…or maybe in the toilet. I know it’s petty and immature but I’ve got to be true to myself, right? I hate those women and all the trashy new people who are ruining my gym experience. Work out or get out is what I say. Exercise is not a spectator sport. I’ve said it before but the gym is no place for fun. 

7 thoughts on “Letting off a little steam”

  1. I get this. I am also a non-confrontational person. That’s probably a big reason why I have lived this long. Especially in this day and age when with the slightest provocation someone will draw down on you. Anger and emotional unbalance has long been the top reason for most homicides. It probably will continue to be as long as homicide is illegal. The old saying “discretion is the better part of valor” was never wasted on me.

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  2. Au contraire, that was incredibly funny! But right at the start of this post, I think you solved your problem with one of the images you chose. The Gorilla Gym. Hang it from your door frame. No sweaty bitches, no pool lane hoggers, no membership fees. Probably no fun, either, but there’s always a trade-off.

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    1. You should go! I actually have a draft of a post I keep meaning to finish that’s about the way the gym has helped me accept my body. I don’t know what you’re body situation is but I 100% guarantee that there is a woman at the gym in worse shape than you and she’s naked and she doesn’t give a shit who sees. It’s actually very liberating. I never would have gone either if my mom hadn’t made me go (and then immediately stopped going herself, leaving me alone with these people). It’s the best thing she’s ever done for me though. I am in better shape but I really haven’t lost that much weight or anything. It has helped me with my self esteem and “loving myself” way more than it’s helped my physical fitness. That’s just cause I am lazy. I highly recommend it, steam room hoggers notwithstanding.


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