Macys has been a huge disappointment. 

Is it just me or has Macy’s really gone downhill over the last year or so? They definitely don’t have the quality of discounts that they used to. I used to routinely find cute clothes there for 75-85% off. No more. 

I am a clearance shopper from way back. I think I would be a clearance shopper even if I was a billionaire. It’s not about what I can afford, it’s about what I can save. Macy’s used to provide me with a lot of savings highs but now I go in there and I can’t find a thing worth it’s price. And I’ve tried. 50% off is bullshit. The way they mark up their products, that’s not even a bargain. I need those deep discounts. 

I think the problem started with those “last act” sections. I was so excited when they first showed up but in actual fact they are nothing to get excited about. They are the dawn of a new era and the end of a good thing. 

First of all, you can’t stack deals anymore. It used to be that you could still take an extra 15-20% off with your Macy’s card, even on clearance. The last act sections are marked as low as they will go. No coupons. No card member benefits. They make it look like you are shopping through some real bargains but it’s mostly a combination of things that are still overpriced and things that are actually really cheap but only because they are like 17 seasons old and no one would ever want them. 

I used to buy probably 80% of my clothes at Macy’s. I have been there so many times in the last year and walked out empty-handed, it could break a heart. I’m a compulsive shopper. I want to give them all my money. I look so hard to find something I want and I just can’t. It’s very sad. 

They miss what we used to have too. It’s to the point where they have began harassing me via email. “You need to reset your password.” “No I don’t, Macy’s. Nice try.” I don’t even need a password because I have no balance on my card and even if I did, the payment comes out automatically. You are just trying to get me to go to your website because you know if I do, I will probably end up buying something there like I used to. I’m sorry but those days are over Macy’s. I think it’s time I start seeing other stores. I already have been actually. Marshall’s is my bottom bitch now. You and I have grown apart. 

It’s not me. It’s you. 

Also, why can’t I find Fossil purses in your stores anymore?  Who the fuck is Patricia Nash? This may be a regional problem. I had a cashier tell me once that our area will no longer carry Guess. Guess what, Macy’s? This is why we are breaking up. 

Even the brands I like that are still there seem to keep getting condensed down into smaller and smaller sections. Brands like Lucky Brand and Bar III have been replaced with…what? I don’t even know, more Inc. crap? Nobody wants that. Get the fuck out of here with that. Stop trying to make “fetch” happen. 

Don’t even get me started on the home goods.  It’s like, “Who the hell do you think you are? Nordstrom?” Sheet sets at an additional 30% off of the clearance price and they are still $80. I don’t think so. Not today, Felicia. Maybe if I got an extra discount with my Macy’s card like I used to… but I don’t… anymore. After all that we have been through, I don’t know how you could treat me this way Macy’s. Why would I even use your card if it doesn’t make things cheaper? I wouldn’t. 

Call me when you get your shit together, Macy’s. Until then…


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