I Could Die, You Guys. 

I’ve never been stung by a bee. My mom is insanely allergic to bee stings. If she gets stung she has to get to the emergency room fast or she could die. She should carry an epipen but if you knew my mom, you would know that’s never going to happen and it’s best not to even bring it up. Save your breath. 

I might be that allergic to bee stings too. Like I said, I’ve never been stung. I almost want to be stung at this point. Just to see if I am, in fact, ridiculously allergic to bees. I have gone so far as to let bees crawl all over me. Not a whole swarm of bees just one or two at a time. I’m not going to swat at them or try and murder them but I will let them sit on me and whatever happens, happens. So far nothing has happened. They just hang out on my arm or leg for a while and then they fly away. 

So I may be allergic or I may be a princess. There is just no way of knowing. 

I like bees but I hate honey but I like honey flavored graham crackers and candy corn. Someone told me that candy corn is made of honey. I don’t know if that’s true or not. If only there was some sort of machine that I could ask questions and it would tell me all the information in the world. Oh well. 

I also hate mead. 

Bees. Bumblebees. Bumble. 


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13 thoughts on “I Could Die, You Guys. ”

  1. My hubby’s allergic to bees, but it’s a certain kind and he gets allergy shots and he has an Epi-Pen. The last time he was stung, he didn’t have a bad reaction so I think the allergy shots are working. 🙂

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  2. When I was a kid, I used to catch bees by their wings until one day when a very feisty bee, who clearly objected to being nabbed by his wings, fought back and stung the crap out of me. Thus, my bee catching days abrumptly ended. Fortunately, I’m not allergic.


  3. I really like the visuals you used. Additionally, I have not been stung either, but my brother has when he was about 10 years old. We were walking to school and he started screaming and crying, apparently it had hurt. My mom was stung once by a very large bee when I was about 16 and she had to go to the hospital and take an anti-allergic shot, because she could barely breath. Now I am really scared of bees.

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  4. IDK about bee stings but I can tell you wasp stings hurt like a mo’fo.

    As far as being allergic to bee stings–I’m the same way with penicillan. I was told my entire childhood that I was allergic, despite never having had penicillan so I don’t know if I’m ACTUALLY allergic or not. It’s not something I’m willing to test out either, seeing as (again, according to my mom) my bio dad is deathly allergic and I probably am too.

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