Tea for 2:00 a.m.

My husband has recently became obsessed with tea. He's always liked it but he is next level now. He drinks it morning, noon, and night. To the point where he can't sleep because he's a) wired and b) he has to pee constantly. "Cool it with the tea!" I tell him but to no avail. It's so funny that "tea" is today's daily prompt because I just this very morning told him he was officially cut off of tea at 6pm everyday. That's sounds reasonable, right? It's never going to happen.

He likes sweet tea and that's the only kind of tea that I really don't like. My grandma always had a glass of tea with her also and I would try and have a sip of it when I was little. It tasted so gross to me that even after all these years and all the changes to my taste buds, sweet tea still makes me want to gag. I've learned to like onions, peppers, mushrooms, even coffee but not tea. Sweet tea and mayonnaise can still go to hell. Ew! Now I'm thinking about a cup of tea with mayonnaise in it and I wish I were dead.

I drink green tea, unsweetened, which my crazy, yet thoughtful husband makes for me daily now that he has bought his most favorite thing in the world: a tea maker. It's like a Mr. Coffee but for tea, I guess calling it Mr. Tea was out of the question but to me that would have been an amazing name to give it. My grandma had one too, so they have been around for decades. They are blue now though, the lids are blue. God, who cares? What am I even talking about today?

Anyway, maybe I can at least open my husband's eyes to other kinds of teas. He already likes chai. I think sleepy time or lavender tea could be good teas to switch to past 6pm. Peppermint tea or smooth move tea could help with his digestion problems, too.

I know that tea is one of the healthiest things a person can drink and one of the oldest forms of medicine around. Probably not the way he drinks it, though, with so much sugar. Plus, I don't think that anything can be good for you with that level of excess.

Whatever. It could be worse, I suppose. He could be addicted to crack or horse racing.


6 thoughts on “Tea for 2:00 a.m.”

  1. Have you done an ancestry search on him? He might be descended from English aristocracy, in which case he might be a Duke and you are a Duchess. Hmmmm…..?

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  2. I LOVE sweet tea..but then I’m a Southerner so..yeah. Sweet Tea is the house wine of the South. My grandmother used to add a lot of lemon to hers and it was really sweet AND sour at the same time which was so weird.

    I don’t drink a lot of straight sweet tea anymore though…I usually cut it half and half with lemonade (aka an Arnold Palmer).

    I only drink hot tea, usually, when it’s really cold out which here isn’t very often.

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