I yelled at the manager of a restaurant.

What the fuck is happening to me? I am becoming an unstable person. In the past, year and a half I have:

  • Written an angry and insulting email to Barnes & Noble
  • Yelled to other people to "make way" for a woman that kept cutting me off at a grocery store
  • Left the steam room at my gym and walked right out side the door and said "shut up! Shut up! Shut up!", outloud because a group of women were in there gossiping, loudly and dumb
  • Written another angry letter to Ulta because their employees wouldn't stop asking if they could help me and I thought the woman that cut my hair was a bitch and none of their stuff is marked the correct price

Now I can add to that list; yelled at a restaurant manager in a parking lot. In fact, I started yelling at her in the lobby of the restaurant and continued yelling at her as she followed me outside. In other words, I threw a fit at a restaurant or as I like to think of it, I stood up for myself in a completely inappropriate way.
Hear me out: We went to this restaurant for the first time. We were seated. We were practically the only people in the restaurant.
We were ignored.

When I say that we were ignored I mean to tell you we were straight-up disregarded. I guess It made me mad. I've had a bad week. I was in the middle of writing another blog about it when this happened. I'll have to go back to that one later.
So stay tuned. Then you can find out about the other time that I yelled at someone this week, which I don't think counts with the rest of the stuff on my list because my husband made me do it.
I digress, There were three waiters standing directly across from me, no obstructions, leaning on the bar, purposefully ignoring me. There was a female waitress actually working, serving another table but she helped them three times while not even giving a look in our direction.
I made eye contact with one of the waiters. He just stared at me. He made no motion to come near me. It was insane. It was like The Twilight Zone. At one point my husband had to tell me to close my mouth because my jaw had literally dropped, I was so dumbfounded. I could not believe that not one person in the whole restaurant could, 1) give us some water and/or a bread basket. 2) say, "someone will be right with you, or 3) actually serve us.

So we got up and we were going to leave and I wasn't going to say anything but then the restaurant manager, I presume, popped her head out of a room and said, "thank you" and I just immediately lost my shit.
It started off with me saying, "Thanks for what? No one waited on me," and that's where it should have ended.
Instead I basically said everything to her that I said in the above except while yelling. She kept trying to get me to come back into the restaurant so that we could fix the problem so I yelled, "I'll come back to your restaurant when I want to be treated like shit."
I screamed that. I wanted people to hear me. It's like I was a different person.

I know I talk about being a bitch on here and I am to the core on the inside but outwardly, I am so considerate of others. I won't even listen to music unless it's through headphones. I don't swim full out in the pool because I'll splash too much and it might bother other people. I don't yell loud in parking lots for people to hear me. I don't act like a nut in public. I save that for my friends and close family.
I might be losing my mind.
I think it's going to be really good for the blog.

14 thoughts on “I yelled at the manager of a restaurant.”

  1. Definitely great blog material.
    You are not alone my dear. The older I get the harder it is for me to hold my tongue around all the idiots I encounter on a daily basis!

    I lost it a few weeks ago with the manager of the Quick Lube where I get my oil changed. The fucking idiot tried to tell me my oil was leaking out because I needed new seals… I told him and showed him the receipt of proof that the seals had been replaced a year ago and the problem was the drain plug was missing the seal. Trying to prove me wrong he removed the plug…
    “WHAT NO SEAL.. WHAT THE FUCK, SO I WAS RIGHT!!!” Suck it up buttercup and fill the fucking oil again, this time free of charge!

    They won’t be getting my business any more!

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    1. Good for you! I need to get an oil change today. I was going to have my husband do it because, sadly, they do seem to give him less of a hard sale on superfluous services. I am stereotypically ignorant when it comes to cars. For example, I had no idea that the seals that you speak of even exsisted. Maybe I should take my newly discovered super power of yelling and get my oil changed myself.

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  2. I’m reminded of that scene in “Maid In Manhattan” where Jennifer Lopez goes to the dept store and the salesgirl refuses to wait on her, telling her she needs to wait while she gossips on the phone and Jennifer Lopez loses her shit.

    I don’t blame you for yelling at the restaurant manager..she deserved it after her employees refused to help you. That’s totally unacceptable, in my book.

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    1. I haven’t seen “Made in Manhattan” I did feel a little bit like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” though. Ignoring me was a “big mistake, huge.” Lol. I just couldn’t understand what was happening. It was bizarre. I mean if just one of them came up and said, “someone will be with you in a minute,” and maybe even brought over water then I would have been fine. I wouldn’t expect them to wait on me if it’s not their table but they were all three standing there, pretending like they couldn’t even see me. I still don’t know what that’s about. We trashed them on every internet rating system we could come think of.


  3. Yea, the words “The homeowners association is going to here about this” actually came out of my mouth the other day. So not only am I a bitch, I’m apparently one of those snooty bitches who say things like “oh my” and “Well well well” and then snaps her fingers at waiters ( no, no, I would never snap my finger at a waiter, never, never)

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  4. Not to rain on your self-deprecation, but your reaction to that ridiculous situation sounded absolutely appropriate. It’s almost like the staff was just trying to get that reaction from someone because they were bored.

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  5. First I want to say, I think you and I are the same person. In my head I yell and scream but what comes out is terse and pointed. I completely laughed my ass off when I read your reaction to the manager saying thank you – your reaction was priceless-and I would not doubt most of us would have done the same thing. I hope the ketchup writing was your goodbye note because you would be my hero.

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    1. I can’t take credit for the ketchup writing but when I saw the picture I wished I’d thought of that. Actually, I couldn’t have done it because no one came around to give us ketchup. Lol. I’m sure I’ll have another fit soon enough. They keep getting louder and closer together so everybody look out!

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