Spelling Matters

I work often drive past a place called “Kiddi Kollege”. It bothers me. Every time I see it, I cringe.

Kiddi Kollege is a day care, obviously. It’s not an institution of higher learning. I understand alliteration, I really do. It helps sometimes to make a thing sound catchier that it actually is. This isn’t even spelled correctly, though. I don’t mean how the word college starts with “k” like it’s a Kardashian. I’m overlooking that. (Although having the word college in the name of a place does make it seem more important to demonstrate a mastery of basic spelling.) My bigger issue is, who spells kiddi that way?

I would go with kiddie or even kiddy before choosing that spelling. I feel like most people would. Why would you end on an i? That worries me even more because, chances are, it probably was some sort of titling issue and those first two spellings were already taken so they had to spell it that way. That would mean there are at least three daycares operating under that name.

Also the way titling is spelled annoys me. I double checked the spelling on google. That’s correct. Doesn’t it look like it would be pronounced tit-ling? English is so ridiculous.

I digress.

What will the next person have to name his day care, “Children’s Idiot House”? That’s right I said “his”. Men can be anything! No one ever empowers men. It’s a fucking shame.

Actually I think I’d really hate a male day care worker. Even if I had kids. It’s not a molester vibe thing. It’s more of a life choice decision symbolizing that I wouldn’t get along with this person.

Like you know how sometimes you can tell,based off of one decision, that a person would just never be your friend. Some things are just red flags screaming, “Back away! This person is not your cup of tea. Whomever would do whatever it is that they are doing would not get along with me.” Examples of this would be things like a handlebar mustache. Or a nazi tattoo. Or an earnest mullet. Or the decision to live in Las Vegas on purpose.

Also I don’t like male feminists. I find them condescending. I’m not 100% on board with feminists in general these days. That’s a different blog for another day.

What decisions would prevent you from wanting to get to know a person better? What do you think of feminists, male or otherwise? How are you today? In the words of youtuber Drew Monson, “Leave me a fucking comment. I’m very lonely.”


9 thoughts on “Spelling Matters”

  1. This is a pet peeve of mine as well it seems like they are all over the place, but the only example I can think of now is the GMC Syclone (Unless syclone means something I am not aware of.) Anyhoo, just have to disagree a bit about male daycare workers. I know they are few and far between, but I worked with one who would play the guitar and sing songs with the kids names in them, he was BELOVED.

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    1. I’m sure there are lots of great male daycare workers. I’m just not a kid person myself so I don’t think I would get along with one. My mom was a daycare worker who worked out of our home and I don’t get along with her either. Lol.

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  2. Giving your kid an OMG SO UNEEK name would make me not want to get to know you. Because I have issues with these weird names that have too many vowels and not enough consonants or they’re weird spellings of traditional names or whatever. It kinda gets on my nerves just a tad.

    I also don’t like names that end in aiden/aden/ayden/aiyden/aaden/adan/aadan. Enough with these names already.

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  3. I have a new spell for you – words of power are in the way we spell our words (magic, no?). There are some keyboards that mess me up by insisting I write in US English, some insist on UK English, but I’m not either, I’m Australian, and we (like the Kiwis in New Zealand) like our own way of Spelling our Enemies! Ta Dah. Or is it swish and flick! Anyway, I’ll go my way with my little magic words …

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