This isn’t Resting Sweetie-Pie Personality

I don’t know if this is a story or not but remember my hair stylist, Kaitlin? She’s the one who would never make my hair the color I wanted it no matter how much money I threw at her and so I had to start doing it myself, or rather have my husband do it.
So out of the blue one day I get a text message from her. She has moved locations. She rents her space now and she would like for me to come in. She offered me a deal like $20 off or something. (My aunt was a hairdresser so I know what this means but maybe it’s not everyday knowledge so I will explain quickly that a hair stylist can either work for a salon and they pay her a salary or a percentage for her services plus she gets tips and stuff. OR they can rent a chair in a salon and then they keep all the money that you give them because they are in business for themselves. Okay? Okay.)
So then the next day I got a text from Kaitlin’s old salon. They will give me 50% off my next three appointments. If I stay with them instead of move with Kaitlin. So…Yay me!
I do think that it’s really fucked up that the salon would do that to Kaitlin. I know that she worked there for a long time and now that she is on her own, she’s really going to need to keep as much of her clientele as she can. As a big company, the salon can afford to offer a much bigger discount than Kaitlin can as an individual jus starting out on her own. She couldn’t offer me 50% off for three visits. I get that the salon wants to keep their clients, too but…I don’t know. That seems really messed up to me that they would do that to a former employee.
That being said I’m not going back to Kaitlin because she won’t do my hair like I want it. I had already left her as a client, no matter what salon she worked for. (I was going to change that sentence to “no matter what salon for which she worked.” Because I didn’t want to end a sentence with a preposition but it sounded weird. Then I remembered that I say things like, “that’s really messed up” so who am I to put on airs. If you people are here for good grammar, you all’s ain’t in the right place.) And hell yes, I will take those three services at 50% off because I’m a cheap bitch and they owe me. I paid a LOT of money to them for a year and a half for Kaitlin to not do what my husband could do in our bathroom on a Saturday morning for around $12. So I will go there for my haircuts three times and then, who knows? I’ll most likely just go to Ulta. I’m probably going to be there anyway.
And yes, this makes me part of the problem because I am encouraging them to continue to undercut (no pun intended) their employees when they decide to try and make it on there own. But who am I? Mother Theresa? (Who incidently I heard was not actually that good of a person and profited a lot from all of her “charity work”. I don’t know if that’s true or not so don’t yell at me if your a big Mother Theresa fan.) No, I’m not Mother Theresa. I’m not even very nice. I’m psyched about the 50% off haircuts though.

Yeah, I don’t think that was a good story. We got through it though.

10 thoughts on “This isn’t Resting Sweetie-Pie Personality”

  1. I mean, it’s one thing if the stylist was amazing and wonderful, then yeah, I’d go with the stylist. But if the stylist was “meh”, I’d find a new place/stick with the place, not the stylist.

    I was paying more than I should have for hair cuts at this one salon, but my stylist was amazing. Then she moved to chicago and I had to find a new one. So, I needed a cut and randomly went into a super cuts, and found another amazing stylist, and I followed her to her new location (not 1000 miles away thankfully).

    But I’m picky about people who cut my hair, unless I’m desperate. I have to actually like their hair and see that they tend their hair well. There was this one place I was going a long time ago where this amazing gay guy cut my hair and we would talk about our cats, and it was glorious. I went back, and he’d left, but there was a woman working there who said she’d take me. Her hair looked like fried neopolitan ice cream. So. Much. Nope.

    So, if I like you’re hair and you’re reasonable… my criteria lol.


    1. My aunt used to cut my hair and then she stopped doing hair and I don’t see her often enough anymore to make her cut my hair when I do. Kaitlin was my first regular stylist because I kept going from place to place trying find someone I felt comfortable with. By the time I got to Kaitlin it was to the point where I was like, “I’m just going to stay with the next one no matter what.” And at first I thought she was doing pretty good. She had lightened my hair noticeably and I didn’t expect to go light blonde overnight. Then a year and a half later, I’m not much lighter and my hair was jacked up. I kept noticing that she was asking everyone else in the room if she was doing it right. I kept going to her though because I felt like I was at least use to her touching me. I weird about strangers touching me, especially my head. Add to that the torture of being forced look at yourself in the mirror under fluorescent lights. I just didn’t want to start over with someone new. I’m really glad my husband agreed to do it and it seems like he can do it. My hair is actually so much healthier now because she was telling me to do wrong things to my hair like use purple shampoo everyday. I went and got a haircut and the woman was like, “it’s making your highlights silver and it’s not helping frame the brassiness of the rest because that part wasn’t dark enough. So I don’t feel. Ad about leaving her. I feel like I just got out of an a shove relationship. I still have to find someone to cut my hair. I’m not planning on staying at that salon past the three visits. I agree about their appearance mattering. I was going to go to this salon because it looked cute and
      then I looked at their website and the stylists had neck tattoos and Mohawks and stuff. That looks cute on some people and i know some people really like it but I know I would not look good that way. I couldn’t pull it off and honestly, I don’t want to.
      I do think that is pretty mean of the salon. But I’ve been lucky to have jobs where my bosses cared about me.


  2. I do not know all that much about Mother Theresa, but this is the first time that I ever heard anyone say anything derogatory about her. I need a hair cut real bad now as I am starting to look like Albert Einstein, but with a lot less hair.

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    1. I can’t remember where I heard that about mother Theresa. I was hoping someone would confirm or deny that. Maybe it was a dream I had although that’s not my usual style of dream. Word of advise: Get your haircut but don’t go to Kaitlin.

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  3. The last time I got my hair cut, the stylist made it shorter on one side by like an inch or so. And I was like, “It’s shorter on one side than the other.” and she insisted it wasn’t. I was exhausted so I just decided to live with it. Now that it’s chin length, it’s not as noticeable as it was when it was shorter. I can’t decide if I should let it grow back out so I can rock boxer braids again. I kinda miss being able to do that with my hair. HOWEVER..I don’t know if I’m too OLD for boxer braids now. Fuck getting older. This SUCKS.

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    1. I had to look up what boxer braids are. Lol. No, you’re not too old. I really want to make my hair a color like purple or blue, (only temporarily with wash out color) but I think I’m too old for that. Nobody really dyed their hair those colors when I was a teenager. But I think, fuck it let’s do whatever we want. We’re only going to get older. In LA, particularly Venice Beach, there are all sorts of women in there 60s and 70s with wild colored hair and teenage haircuts. That’s one thing I really admire about LA, for as superficial as most people are, they’re also accepting of looking and dressing however you want. Let’s bring that to the Midwest. You grow you’re braids, I’ll dye my hair blue. We will be so damn cute that everyone our age will want to do it too!
      Also, when I was in high school I got a haircut and the women purposefully made one side several inches shorter than the other with a zig zag part I could never find again. It looked dumb. I definitely didn’t ask for it. We told my friend Doug that our other friend did it in the bathroom at the mall. He believed us because a) that’s how stupid my hair looked and b) she had once dyed her hair in the bathroom of the mall. Ah, I miss being a teenager. I couldn’t afford to get my hair recut so I just walked around with my head cocked to the side for a few months.


      1. LOL That reminded me of an incident at my high school where a girl got kicked out of school for having bright blue hair. So a bunch of kids (not me but I heard about it) brought peroxide and blue hair dye to school the next day and they all dyed their hair blue in the bathrooms during lunch. Teens are DUMB.


  4. I’m in the middle of a dilemma myself… I love the gal I go to but she can’t do color because it’s not a service the salon offers and she can’t do undercuts because she doesn’t have the right tools. I even like her so much that we’re friends on Facebook. But I’ve now been referred to a new salon which is almost an hour away but my cousin raves about her. Ugh… decisions suck.

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    1. It’s true. It’s really important to like who is doing your hair because you have to let them touch you. lol. Although, Kaitlin and I seemed like we got along better in the beginning and then she started being less friendly. That made my decision easier. Looking back, I wonder if she was doing it on purpose because she knew she couldn’t do my hair the way I wanted and she didn’t know how to tell me.


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