Remember the 90’s?

Does anyone else think it’s weird how there are no video tapes or dvds anymore? Okay, I know there are still dvds and blue rays but who needs them? They won’t be around for much longer.

It was such a very specific point in time with Blockbusters and vcrs, which, in case you were wondering, my iPhone doesn’t even know what a vcr is. It keeps wanting to autocorrect it to vice or var. what the fuck is a var? Now both times that I’ve typed the word var it wants to change it to car. Okay, dummy, it was your suggestion.

It’s like we are trying to wipe the memory of video rentals off the earth but that can’t be true. They keep remaking all the movies from that time period and bringing back the tv shows. That’s probably because only old people watch tv anymore.

Also bookstores kind of don’t need to exsist anymore. It was only a handful of years ago that a good Saturday outing would be spending time in a store looking at all the books and movies and cds. Now if I want to look at any of those things, I’ll just look down at my hand, where my phone always is.

Remember all that money you wasted because you had to have that movie or tv box set? Sure, you didn’t feel like watching it now but later you will be glad that you have it. Wrong. Now all that stuff has became completely irrelevant because everything you want to watch or listen to is already in your hands. I try not to think about it. I sold all my dvds and cds to a used book store. I spent thousands on that shit over the years. I got back around $45. What are you going to do?

19 thoughts on “Remember the 90’s?”

  1. All this makes me think of is years and years ago, my husband accidentally got a subscription to some magazine that was ONLY for retail managers called This Week In Consumer Electronics through his job. I would read it just because it was sitting around and there was a format war going on at that point. There were Blu-Rays and something else. I forget what the something else was but I remember telling him not to commit to a new video player of any kind (our DVD player was having issues) until there was a clear leader. Within six months, it was clear that Blu-Ray was going to win out over whatever te other format (which I seem to recall was heavily pushed by Disney and a handful of other studios) was.

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    1. I remember that war. I don’t remember what the other non-blue ray one was either but I do remember why blue ray ultimately won…porn. The makers of porn went with blue ray. I guess porn has more sway than even Disney. At least that’s what I heard.

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  2. Also..Roseanne totally jumps the shark in season 8 when they win the Illinois lottery and it is BAD. The only thing that sorta redeems the series is Darlene’s wedding but then Dan dies, which of course sucks. And, from what I understand, they’re ignoring the fact that Dan died completely so they can have him in the new series. I mean, WTF?

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    1. Yeah season eight was terrible. If I’m watching Roseanne reruns, I always stop before they get to that point. If they want to pretend like it didn’t happen at all, that’s fine with me. It wouldn’t be Roseanne without John Goodman. I used to pretend he was my dad. Sad. 😔


      1. I’ve been re-watching all the seasons since it’s part of Amazon Prime TV and I’m in the middle of season 6 right now. Part of me is like “Just stop watching at the end of season 6.” and the other part of me is all “But don’t you want to see how BAD it gets after that? Huh? Doncha doncha doncha?” because during the original run, I had stopped watching around the end of season 6, beginning of season 7 and only watched the series finale for reasons that were mostly nostalgic.

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  3. I miss the 90’s and good old times. I really miss POGS, I wish I would have kept mine now. They probably cost a fortune now too, I coulda sold mine. xD My childhood consisted of a lot of kick the can with friends around the neighborhood, pogs and other things you relatively did outside. Now kids sit indoors stuff their face with junk and play xbox, play station etc. Technology advances has proven to be a fail imo for today’s generation. I am scared for what the future holds, I am waiting for the day they want to plant a chip in my brain tbh. Not only would it be a great tracking device I am sure for the government, but I won’t even have to lift a finger or get up to grab a remote anymore. All I will have to do is command my brain to do what I want whenever I want. There is some more scary shit too I believe is going on with technology advances that is being kept from the public. Technology we could once be proud of, now humans will fuck that up too if we haven’t already.

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    1. I’m sure you’re right. Skynet is coming. I know they will try to chip us soon enough. I will resist as long as I can. However, if they want to permanently install headphones into my brain, I would be down for that. Kidding/not kidding. I always have my Bluetooth headphones on. It annoys people but luckily I usually can’t hear them.

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      1. I’d be also down for installing headphones and/or earphones permanently but just for the purpose of I could listen to music all day and night long. Also great for blocking out annoyances and people. xD I can agree there.

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  4. Not gonna lie — I love me some box set DVD’s. Six or seven months ago, Netflix took off most of Futurama. Who owns it? This girl right here.

    Also, since I’ve had to sacrifice at home internet, I appreciate my DVD collection more and more.

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    1. That’s a good point. I did save some of my DVD box sets because I can’t live without The Office, should Netflix decide to take it away from me. It’s my depression show. If you see me bjnge watching it, I’m having a bad day but I’m still having a good time.

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  5. I still have a video/dvd player which I refuse to part with. I have plenty of old home movies. I also have a cassette player and plenty of tapes. I refuse to get rid of every item I was raised on.

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    1. I still have a couple vcrs and home movies on VHS. I kept some of my box sets and some dvds that are harder to find. (I like bizarre independent films.) I had no trouble getting rid of my CDs though because it had been years since I touched them and they were covered with dust. I had several shelves of them, too, easily over 300. Maybe way more than that, I don’t know. I thought I would at least get $50 for the lot but I didn’t. I don’t think it would have matter had I known that though. I just really didn’t want to keep dusting them. Lol.

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