Undulate, Undulate, Arriba, Arriba!!!!

My friend Jennifer told me I was a good dancer but she was a bad friend and a lying ass ho.

I can’t dance. I’m actually a horrible dancer. I like to dance and to this day you can find me in my basement with my headphones in just going off to some sick ass beats. The difference; I’m alone. Why? I know I can’t dance.

I never thought I could dance but me and my two best friends would have a good time dancing together alone in our respective houses and I didn’t need to be insecure because they couldn’t dance either.

Well, one of them could but I won’t say which one. I wouldn’t have danced in front of anyone but those two.

Enter Jennifer and her lies

Anyway, I moved out on my own when I was very young and I often had parties, dance parties. Because I was told I was a good dancer, I would dance. Because she said I was so good I would dance wildly and without care.

I have it on video. It’s terrible. What a liar.

Before you start to tell me that I should always dance like no one is watching, just stop yourself. That’s not true. Some people should only dance when they are sure that no one is watching.


7 thoughts on “Undulate, Undulate, Arriba, Arriba!!!!”

    1. I used to have a “dance mirror” which was actually a broken full length mirror I placed side by side on the basement floor. Lol! Finally my husband made me get rid of it. I though it helped to see my feet. I thought I was “learning”.

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