How Not to be a Writer

Okay, just sit down and try to write something. Anything. Just something. It would be nice if something publishable would actually pop out of my brain. For once. Just try to think of something to say that isn’t just whining about your life. Say something helpful. Say something useful. Bitch about someone. Let's see, who… Continue reading How Not to be a Writer


YouTube is a Gateway Drug

I can't remember the last time I watched an actual tv show on my phone or tablet. I just watch YouTube. I'm obsessed with YouTube. It has changed my life.  I guess I didn't really understand YouTube for years. I thought it was just cat videos and clips from old tv shows, honey badgers. I… Continue reading YouTube is a Gateway Drug


Don’t Eat This Book

Julia Cameron has a diet book. It's called, "The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right-Size". I'm intrigued. Aren't you?For those of you who do not know, Julia Cameron is a well known writer's writer who has written countless books, many on the topic of writing. Her book "The Artist's Way" is referenced time and time again… Continue reading Don’t Eat This Book