So What’s New with You Guys?

Today’s prompt is guilty so I will sloppily turn that into a segue into the topic I keep failing to bring up, the reason I haven’t written anything on here in over two months: I getting divorced. Nbd.

I am guilty of abandoning you guys, who I know live for my little observations and rants. For that I am sorry.

I want to talk about it and I will. I have several different drafts in my folder, from several stages of the grief process and they are all more or less insane drivel.

Finally, something interesting happens in my life and I can’t even talk about it. At the same time it seems weird to talk about anything else and, as friends and family will tell you, I’m incapable of talking about anything else any way.

I guess I just need a little time to gain some perspective on the whole thing. I was with my husband for 17 years. (We got married when I was 11.) I’m the one that left and I know it’s for the best and, in fact, it should have happened a long time ago. It was just one of those things where you stay together because you’ve been together so long. Plus, I was scared to be alone and start over.

Men get itchy after a while. They want to date. They get sick of the same old thing. I’m sure some women are like that too. Not me. I was staying married because I didn’t want to start dating. The whole thing seems like a pain in the ass. I’m still not sure if I’m going to do it. Although, I did enjoy having a partner and I would like to think I’ll have one again.

I don’t know. I’ll tell you more later. [Insert Joke]


16 thoughts on “So What’s New with You Guys?”

  1. I was married for 22 years, before I figured out that my wife was bonkers. I am sure that you will find someone new in your life if that is what you desire, but if you do decide to go on any dating sites make sure that you are careful of all the scammers that will probably try to cheat you. Anyway I am glad that you are blogging again.

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      1. I’ve been on a few dating sites too, just poking around to see what I could find out of sheer curiosity.

        I’ve come to the realization that if my husband dies before me, I’m never going to be with a man again because all the men my age who aren’t married are fucking creepos. 😦

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      2. It’s true! I’ve talked to a few guys and even told them my situation, (I’m not even divorced yet, not ready to date, not interested). They say, ‘oh that’s okay. We can just be friends. I know what you’re going through. I can be someone to talk to.’ Then they just keep trying to trick me into going on a date. “As friends”. Yeah, I may revisit online dating in a few months or a year. Or maybe I will be single for ever. Both options sound terrible.

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    1. I’m sure I will talk more about it later. These things are always so complicated to wrap your head around. Or so I’ve heard. Lol. It’s a first for me.


    1. Thank you! I’ve missed writing. Well, That’s very sweet! I’ve missed writing on here. I’ve been journaling like a literal crazy person. I’m hoping I can turn it into a fabulous memoir someday. I just need to work on the happy ending.


      1. Happy ending will happen. I can add 20 quotes here but people probably have told you all of them by now.
        Really looking forward to your memoir. Thats going to be a bestseller.
        Take your time we all are here 😊


    1. Yes, it was shocking at first and it’s still a little upsetting but I can already tell I’m going to be much happier without him. I knew divorcing was the thing to do for a while. He was easy to leave. What was hard to leave was the idea of him and the plans we had for the future.

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  2. You shouldn’t feel too bad. Statistics show that nearly 99% of females that marry at age 11 end up divorcing before their teen years so you did very well. Seriously, marriage is tough and there are NO exceptions. We just recently marked 50 years of marriage but I’ll bet my dear wife still occasionally thinks to herself, “why am I still with this jerk?”

    Having said all that, I’m sorry for your grief over this, but as my dear old pappy always said, “time will heal it.”

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    1. Congratulations on 50 years! That’s great! You’re right marriage is rough and I knew that. I kept hanging on and putting the work in, thinking everyone has rough patches but you know. It takes two to make thing work and if it’s all one rough patch, you have to go. I think I just couldn’t let go of the idea of being with someone my whole life. You and your wife are lucky. Or stubborn. Probably a mix of both is my guess. Haha!


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