My Vacation Deal

My husband, Jon and I are going on vacation this week and I am freaking out. I do this every time we have a vacation. I worry about leaving my house and my cats. Our dog will be in a kennel so I don’t worry about her as much. 

My friend’s parents are going to check in on the cats and the house while we are gone. Everything should be fine. Every thing WILL be fine. Yet there is a little voice in the back of my head whispering and occasionally screaming, “What if it’s not? What if it’s not? What if there is a fire? What if the basement floods?What if there is a gas leak and the cats dies? What if someone breaks in? What if the cats run out of water or food? Stay home. Just stay home. I need to stay home.”

Then I remember how many of our deposits are refundable. Then I remember we actually really want to go on this vacation and it should be a lot of fun. Then I remember that I freak out like this every time that we go on vacation. Then I remember that a lot of those situations could not be prevented even if I was not on vacation. Then the panic starts again and on and on. 

I will feel a slight relief from anxiety when we land at our destination because I will be distracted by the fun we are having and the new things we are exploring. But basically I will feel this panic from the moment the first thing is booked until the second I walk back through my door. Ah, how relaxing. 

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