Is the beautyblender worth the price?

The preferred method for makeup application these days seems to be primarily sponge based. I believe there is a mermaid brush trend going around also. There may well be sides forming and spreading hateful propaganda about each other. The kabuki gang may get involved and it could get very ugly. Beauty gurus hate ugly. 

Look, I can’t predict the future. So for now, I will still give the title of most used foundation, concealer and contouring application to the sponge and the Queen Bitch in Charge sponge is, undeniably, The beautyblender It is better than all the rest. Just ask it. Or look at its price tag. 

Other makeup sponges that are essentially the same product sell for a quarter of the price or even less. The beautyblender, while slightly smaller than its competitor, remains priced at $20 per sponge. Each sponge should last the user between 6-12 weeks. People pay the difference but is it worth it?

There’s damn sure only one way to find out. 

So curiosity got the best of me and I went out and bought one. I’ve used several imposter beauty sponges and they are all more or less the same. They are also mostly between $3-$5. So what makes this one so damn special? It’s way more expensive than the rest and as far as I can tell it never goes on sale. You have to go to Sephora to get it. The only discount I could find on it, is that online you can purchase two for $40. That’s the same price it would be for two beautyblenders normally but with this deal you also get a bottle of special beautyblender cleaner that you couldn’t possibly need. 

Since its never going to get any cheaper, even after being around for 15 years as it boasts on its label, I may as well go ahead and buy it now, right? I could be missing out. It can’t all be just hype. Could it? People can’t just be spending four times the cost for a product because it’s the cool thing to do can they? We aren’t all that extra, are we? There has to be a real difference in quality and the final product, right?


Inquiring minds want to know. So we shall see. I’m going to go apply my makeup as I usually do but this time with the one true Makeup sponge, beautyblender be thy name. And just like The Highlander there can be only one. Unless it’s just like all the others. In that case, there is about a fucking million. 

I’ll be back in a little bit with the answers. Talks amongst yourselves while I’m gone. Here’s a topic, why is slut shaming a thing now? Girls can just slutty and you’re just supposed to not judge them? I don’t think so. Discuss.*

Okay I’ve used the beautyblender and I’m ready to give my impression. Is it like butter? Could be. 

Just a quick note about my process, I’m trying to be as professional/YouTubeish as possible. So I bought a brand new Marshall’s sponge to compare to the new beautyblender.  I applied the Tarte Double Duty Beauty Gel Foundation directly to my skin without a primer. I applied my foundation, concealer and contour, one side of my face with the beautyblender and the other half of my face with the imposter sponge. 

The blender itself is a much airier, lighter sponge. I think that it probably is made of a different substance than the crap I’ve been buying at Marshall’s. It also has slightly more texture than the sponges I’m used to. Does the difference in consistency make a difference with the look of the makeup? Cause really that’s all that matters. The beautyblender also seems to hold more water than its competitors. Though it started out much smaller, once water was added it grew to almost the same size as the other makeup sponge. 

The bottom line:

They both do the trick. You can’t easily tell I did each side of my face differently. I don’t (think that I) look insane. I could go out in public without having to redo my face to match itself. If you look very closely, though, it does seem like the beautyblender did a slightly better job with coverage, especially in the areas I applied concealer. This could be due to inconsistency by the applicator (me). It could also all just be in my head because, I’m going to be completely honest, I just like it more. 

I love a deal. 75% off clearance makes. E giddy with excitement. I’m not in the habit of paying four times the price for a label. To me the beautyblender does seem to be higher quality. It is a lighter, textured, more spongelike. It makes the other sponge seem slick and heavy. There is definetly a difference between the way it works wet versus the way it works dry. The other makeup sponge doesn’t really change that much. I do. I just like it more. Sorry. 

I still don’t think anyone needs to buy it. As I said, the other sponge gets the job done fine but once you’ve held the real deal in your hands, the imitations seem just like that, imitations. If you can afford the name brand beautyblender, I do think that it’s worth it. If you really can use it for up to three months, it’s not that expensive. Especially not for something f that you can use everyday on multiple products. There are definetly way more expensive brushes out there. So when you think of it that way the beautyblender isn’t so outrageous in price. 

I will still use my imitation makeup sponges. I will probably always have some for backup, or maybe to keep in the makeup bag in my purse but, unfortunately for my wallet, I will probably be using the beautyblender primarily from now on and continue to buy it from Sephora on the reg. 

I was hoping I wouldn’t like it better. It just feels nicer and whether or not it’s all in my head, I do feel like the application of my makeup was a little bit smoother and a little bit better coverage. So that’s my two cents and you can believe me because I am on the internet. #nonsponse

*blatant rip off of Mike Meyers reoccuring SNL character Linda something or other that he based off of his real mother-in-law. Though I don’t know if he’s still married or anything about his social life. 

5 thoughts on “Is the beautyblender worth the price?”

  1. Wait..I thought the Beauty Blender was a one time purchase. Like you could wash it off and re-use it for a long period of time. Not something you were supposed to replace once a month or so.

    What a freaking rip off if you have to pay $20/mo to replace it. That’s just straight up stupid, IMO.

    Then again..I don’t wear makeup on anything like a regular basis and the last time I bought makeup sponges, they were labeled “disposable” and very, very small.

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    1. Yeah, I think you get two to three months out of it and then it kind of starts falling apart. That’s with everyday use though. If you don’t put makeup on very often, you could probably make yours last a lot longer. I don’t think $20 is that bad compared to how much brushes can cost but if you’re not that into makeup definitely just stick to the $3.99 at TJMaxx sponges. They really do work almost as well.


      1. I’m not sure how old you are, I only started getting into makeup during this last year and I’m 37. Now I’m obsessed with it but that’s the way that I am. I pick something, get obsessed with it for a while and then move on. I honestly don’t know how I’ve stayed married so long. Lol.


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