Gym Hack: I probably shouldn’t even be telling you this. 

Want your own locker but your gym doesn’t allow it? Take one. All you need is a gym towel and a locker. Leave the towel in the top of the locker and 99% of people will open the locker, see the towel, not know if it’s clean or dirty and leave the locker alone. 

If you’re really lucky they will assume the towel belongs to a person who will be right back. This usually means that they will not use the lockers close to it either. That way when you do come in, you will have plenty of space around “your” locker. This can help to prevent pesky social interactions and eliminate your chances for making the new friends you so desperately need. 

As a special bonus, by using my method, you will always have an extra towel!

Full disclosure: Every once in a while I will come in and my towel has been taken. This happens most often if  I’ve been gone a few days and is great motivation to go to the gym and claim your turf. 

Sometimes I can build up two or three towels in my locker. I don’t do this on purpose. Sometimes I think I’m going to go swimming but then I change my mind, most often because it’s too crowded or there are screaming children. 

Yesterday I left two towels and with any luck they are still there waiting for me. 

Now some of you may be asking, “but Regina, what is the advantage of having a locker that people will avoid? It’s not like you can leave your stuff there overnight. You still have to cart everything back and forth?”

I don’t know. It just makes me happy. 

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. For more tips on how to be labeled “odd” or “antisocial” or for more hacks like this one to take ownership of things you don’t need and don’t actually belong to you , follow me at this blog and various other social media platforms. 

I’ve got to go. I’ve already said too much. 

P.S. If you go to the gym and see a towel left in a locker, just leave it alone. It isn’t yours!👌🏽

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