Sometimes I just get an idea in my head and I know it won’t go out of my head until I at least try it. Episode 3

So the first attempt(s) at bleaching my hair at home are over. Well, I think I’m going to try and tone it again but probably not until this weekend or later. It’s not that big of a deal. So for our purposes here, I’m all done. I am very relieved that it is over and I still have hair. 

It’s definetly not perfect. There are a few spots where the color is uneven and I really think we messed up at the toner stage. My hair was actually blonder before the toner and now it’s a bit too warm.  Not that bad though. It could almost looks intentional. I have paid much more for worse. 

My husband is extremely proud of himself. He is already planning for when we can give me highlights and/or make my hair even lighter. I feel like his very own “Barbie Head” but after 14 years of marriage, I think that’s nice. It actually was a really fun bonding experience. I much prefer it to going to a salon. 

I admit it’s a little anticlimactic for the ending. Maybe a three part article was a little much for one bleach job. It didn’t turn out fabulous but it also didn’t turn out disasterous. My hair looks almost the same. My coworkers didn’t even notice at first. Then the ones that I had told about my husband bleaching my hair this weekend came up and gave me a once over. They basically decided it was a good job. I don’t think they will ask him to do their hair but…maybe after a few more practice tries. 

So that’s all I’ve got for today. I may still YouTube search, “how to cut your own bangs” and that will probably be a disaster. So there should be some drama there. In a month or so, my husband and I will give it another go. We will have to touch up my roots and possibly go even lighter. So there is still plenty of chances for me to ruin my hair to look forward to. 

I just wanted to give a little closure to this story that I’ve been telling all weekend. I wish it could be more exciting of an ending but, wait a second, no, I don’t. I’m relieved it was boring. I’m relieved it is over. I’m relieved it ties in so nicely with today’s daily prompt. 

I’m going to go watch Jeff interview the new Big Brother houseguests now. 

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