Too Much = To Fast

Avid readers of this blog already know two things about me: I’m awesome and I shop too much, not necessarily in that order. So that is why I have decided to put myself on a shopping fast.

This is another one of those things that I thought that I made up myself. Only to perform a quick google search and find that I am, once again, late to the trend. Most likely, I was out shopping the day it was announced.

Nonetheless, here I go, unto the breach, dear friends, my credit cards quaking.

It occurred to me that if I’m not shopping then I don’t shop. I can go quite a while without even an urge. However, If I buy one thing, especially if it’s a great bargain or a truly great thing, it trips my trigger and I am desperate to buy more.

It is not lost on me that this is the mindset of an addict. I never said I wasn’t.

The problem with dieting (and this is hardly new information) is that while a person can stop drinking or doing drugs completely, they cannot stop eating so they have to learn to eat in moderation. This is a problem that I have come across myself on numerous occasions when trying to watch what I eat.

By god, I can stop shopping, though. Cold turkey, even. Probably without any physical withdrawal symptoms. (Probably, right?) Sure I still have to buy food but that’s never been much of an adrenaline rush for me. Also, my husband can take over the grocery shopping for a while if need be. I’m sure he’ll be game, given the alternative.

So wish me luck, pals!

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3 thoughts on “Too Much = To Fast”

  1. Good luck!

    I never acquired the shopping habit because when you grow up poor as frigging dirt, you get used to making do with hand me downs/pass-arounds (clothes passed from one family to another, usually through school or church), trips to the thrift store with a VERY strict budget and maybe, if you’re lucky, a trip to the mall or relatives who are more well off gifting you with really nice stuff.

    I rarely go shopping and when I do, I know exactly what I’m going in for and I tend to just buy that and go home. I’ve never just gone in and gone “Oh I need this. Oh I want this. Oh I’m going home with this!”. That seems so weird to me..walking out with more than you intended, clothing wise. I can do that with yarn, but I don’t do it very often. Maybe twice, three times a year tops. I buy exactly what I need for each project and that’s it. And if I can’t afford what I need for a certain project, then I try to use up my stash until I can buy what I need.


  2. Good luck, Regina. In support of your worthwhile endeavor, I won’t mention the great 55% off makeup package deal over at Amazon. You can thank me later.


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